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DIY Garage Floor Coatings vs. Professional Installation

Garage Floor Coating in New Castle, DE

A garage floor coating is an investment just like any other home improvement project. And like any other home upgrade, you're faced with the question of whether to hire a professional or do it yourself. While you can DIY a lot of home improvement projects, your garage floor shouldn't be one of them.

Why You Shouldn't DIY Garage Floor Coatings

Your garage floor takes a lot of abuse, from the weight of multiple vehicles and daily foot traffic to weather-related wear and tear. In other words, the potential for damage is high. Although a floor coating can protect the concrete in your Tennessee garage, choosing to install a DIY garage epoxy or polyurea leaves a lot of room for error. Learn more about the disadvantages of DIY garage floor coatings below!

  • More Likely to Fail

    Surface preparation is everything — it's the key to getting your garage floor coating to adhere properly. Unfortunately, the average DIY-er won't have the industrial-grade machinery needed to grind down concrete floors, which is why 80% of DIY garage floor coatings fail. Long story short, poor surface preparation leads to peeling, heavy delamination and bubbles.

  • Thinner & Weaker

    Store-bought formulas are made up of mostly water so they're easier to apply at home. Most of this solvent evaporates, leaving a coating that is thinner, weaker and far more vulnerable to damage.

  • Prone to UV Damage

    If you like to work in the garage with the door open, DIY floor coatings like garage epoxy or polyurea aren't for you. That's because very few DIY options are UV resistant. That means they'll start to fade, yellow or change colors with frequent sun exposure — which is not a good look!

  • Inconvenient Installation & Long Cure Time

    Installing a DIY garage floor coating is not a quick job! In addition to taking days to install, you have to wait for the coating to fully cure before you can start using your garage. Popular DIY options, such as an epoxy floor coating, can take up to a full week to completely cure!

  • Can't Make Surface Repairs

    DIY floor coatings are more likely to show damage, but there's no easy way to make surface repairs. Once coatings like epoxy or polyurea have cured, it's next to impossible to repair the problem without fully replacing the coating. That means you're forced to live with common problems like floor cracks, peeling, hot tire pickup and bubbling — wasting both your time and hard-earned money for lackluster results.

Professional Installation Means Professional Results

When it comes to garage floor coatings, professional installation is your best bet — and homeowners in Greater Knoxville trust Hello Garage of Knoxville to get the job done right. We offer the polyaspartic floor coating system that outperforms polyurea and epoxy floor coatings in nearly every category.

Our experienced, highly-trained Dream Team follows a proven, five-step installation process to ensure your garage floor looks and performs great for years to come. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, you can rest easy knowing your Tennessee garage floor coating is protected against flaking, peeling, hot tire pickup, chemical burns and more.

Why choose a professionally installed polyaspartic garage floor coating by Hello Garage?

  • Available in a wide variety of stunning, granite-like colors
  • Resists damage caused by UV rays, heavy equipment, hot tires and chemical burns
  • Won't peel, flake or yellow over time
  • Professional installation with a fast cure time
  • Backed by an industry-leading warranty

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