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A garage so beautiful, it should be in a museum.

More durable, beautiful epoxy floor alternative.

Hello Garage of Knoxville Before & After Photos

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New Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Alternative in Kingsport, TN

Marshmallow Creme was just what this Kingsport, TN homeowner needed for their garage space!  These homeowners just moved in and wanted a durable, easy to clean space in their man cave.  After Hello Garage of Knoxville's Dream Team applied our polyaspartic garage floor coating, this space is just what they needed! We also applied Cookies & Cream in garage #2!  See the pictures on our site as well! 

Kingsport, TN New Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating

Garage #2! These Kingsport, TN homeowners just moved in and wanted BOTH of their garages in pristine shape. After Hello Garage of Knoxville's Dream Team applied our 100% polyaspartic garage floor coating color Cookies & Cream in this space, it looks fabulous. In their other garage, we applied Marshmallow Creme (see pictures on our site). This is just what the homeowners needed and they are super happy! 

New Tazewell, TN Basement Floor Renovation

Our basements tend to be forgotten, but not for this New Tazewell, TN homeowner! They use it quite a bit and wanted a nicer atmosphere in this space. The stained, dingy concrete had to go, so they called Hello Garage of Knoxville to apply our durable, long-lasting concrete coating. After our Dream Team completed this project, they were so happy!  Their basement looks great now and so much more welcoming! 

Dandridge, TN New Epoxy Alternative Garage Floor Coating

This Dandridge, TN homeowner decided to get their floor coated in an epoxy alternative called polyaspartic from Hello Garage of Knoxville. They were tired of the old look of their garage space and wanted to update it to a garage they would be proud to showcase.  After our Dream Team applied the garage floor coating, the homeowners were so happy!  They now have a lovely garage space with the updated look they desired! 

New Garage Floor Coating in Dandridge, TN

Who wants a sharp garage to come home to?  Definitely this Dandridge, TN homeowner! They wanted a durable garage floor coating and an awesome-looking garage. They had to look no further than Hello Garage of Knoxville. We gave them just what they were looking for after we applied our polyaspartic garage floor coating and they couldn't have been happier!

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